Howzit guys! I’m Chloe Green, and welcome to the world of Howzit Greeny.

I’m an artist and designer and the hands that drive the sewing machine in the Howzit Greeny studio. I’ve been drawing and making since I was seven years old and despite a few diversions into other careers over the years, I’ve now come full circle and am back doing what I love – making all the things!

I started life in South Africa – which is why I like to say ‘Howzit’ – and spent the next 20 years travelling between there and the UK. In 2005, I moved to Australia with my husband and have never looked back. After several fun years living in Melbourne’s Inner West, we moved to the Macedon Ranges with our two young boys and found our little slice of heaven. The Howzit Greeny studio is based in Woodend. Visitors are welcomed by our ever friendly Border Terrier, ‘Buddy’ and head of quality control is our Burmese cat, ‘Gigi’ who likes to oversee operations from her spot on top of the filing cabinet.

My art is a mix of hand lettering, gouache and pen and ink based illustrations. I’ve also recently fallen hard for digital drawing and every new piece I create is often a mash up of all these elements. My work draws inspiration from everywhere, but particularly Australian culture, our need to protect the environment, my travels over the years, music and my love of Dad jokes. Who can resist a good pun?

Howzit Greeny products often start with humble materials – such as a worn out pair of jeans destined for landfill. I like to mix these up with some high quality remnants or sustainably sourced Australian fabric to create colourful and functional pieces which will last in your home for many years to come. I really enjoy playing with colour and fabric to create one off pieces to make something special with a whole new life ahead of it.

I try not to take myself too seriously, I reckon there’s more than enough in life to worry about as it is. Laughing normally sorts out most things and if not then a good gin and tonic often does the trick.

I’m always keen to meet new people and collaborate, so if you have an idea you want to share or a project you’d like to work on please get in touch.

Say Howzit!